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The EU reaffirms support for Burkina Faso in the face of a humanitarian and security crisis

Commissioner Lenarcic during his visit to Burkina Faso. © European Union, 2020

Commissioner for Crisis Management, Janez Lenarčič, and Jutta Urpilainen, Commissioner for International Partnerships, visited Burkina Faso in light of the rapidly deteriorating humanitarian and security crisis in the country.

While meeting displaced people in the Centre-Nord region, Commissioner Lenarčič announced a humanitarian aid package of €11.45 million for Burkina Faso. He stated, “The European Union continues its efforts to meet the most vulnerable communities’ emergency needs. Humanitarian aid is not a long-lasting solution and the root causes of the crisis must be addressed. It is only an integrated approach that can ensure communities’ security, the ability to meet their needs and aspirations, and to restore trust within the areas hit by the crisis.”

Commissioner Lenarčič also called for all parties to the conflict to respect human rights and international humanitarian law.

Commissioner Urpilainen affirmed that, “We must rethink our strategy to address the root causes that threaten stability, social cohesion and inclusive development in the country, all while reinforcing the agents of development and consolidating the synergies between peace, development and humanitarian actions in an integrated approach.” 

The 2 Commissioners held meetings with the highest authorities in Burkina Faso, and also met people who have been directly affected by the crisis, together with humanitarian and development organisations that are implementing projects on the ground with EU support.

Since 2014, the EU has allocated more than €1 billion in humanitarian and development aid in Burkina Faso.


Through its humanitarian aid projects in Burkina Faso, the EU provides shelter, food aid, access to healthcare and education, and protection for vulnerable people.

The EU’s development assistance supports longer-term projects addressing the root causes of instability, conflict, and vulnerability, especially in the most-hit regions. These projects range from healthcare, governance, food security, and job creation to security and defence, energy, social cohesion, and building communities’ resilience.

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