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EU civil protection exercise in Spain

Civil Protection exercise Bulgaria Spain
Civil Protection exercise in Bulgaria in 2013.

Between 31 October and 6 November 2013, civil protection teams from France, Belgium, Portugal, Italy and Morocco have been practicing an intervention in the event of a nuclear power plant accident.

The exercise "Curiex 2013" provided a joint training opportunity for international and the EU Civil Protection Mechanism experts in nuclear and radiological issues. The exercise tested the coordination and joint response of the teams as well as the deployment of modules through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. The Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC) took part in the exercise, coordinating the assistance provided to the country affected.

In the training scenario, a nuclear accident had occurred in the power plant in Extramadura, Spain. A large amount of radioactive material was released in a short time. To deal with the consequences faster and more efficiently, Spain requested assistance through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

Curiex 2013 was conducted by National Civil Protection of Spain and 85% co-funded by the European Commission's Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department ECHO.

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