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Ebola: Germany provides additional medical evacuation capacity

Ebola: Germany provides additional medical evacuation capacity
Photo credit: EU/ECHO/Dennis Nehb

Germany is adding a specialized medical evacuation airplane to the voluntary pool of resources which EU countries have made available to fight the Ebola epidemic in West Africa.

Upon requests made via the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, the German Airbus A340 "Robert Koch" can be used for the evacuation of Ebola-infected international helpers to European hospitals. It is specially equipped for treating severe Ebola cases.

This new asset adds to the considerable German contribution to the fight against the deadly epidemic. On top of €161 million in financial aid, Germany has made available ambulances, experts, hospital equipment, medical supplies, and logistical assistance; helped procure mobile laboratories; and sent medical personnel to the affected region.

Together with its Member States, the EU has provided more than €1.2 billion for humanitarian and development aid and medical research to stem and ultimately end the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa. As part of the coordinated European response, EU Member States have sent emergency supplies and medical teams, either through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism or on a bilateral basis.

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