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Sexual and gender-based violence in humanitarian settings

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Commission Decision C(2018) 1660 final ensures the implementation of the pilot project "Ensuring effective delivery of aid to victims of sexual and gender-based violence in humanitarian settings."

Natural disasters and man-made crises are not gender neutral: they have a different impact on women, girls, boys and men. Their differentiated needs and specific vulnerabilities during and in the aftermath of crises need therefore to be addressed accordingly. Sexual violence is a life-threatening, health, human rights and protection issue. It is deeply rooted in gender inequality and exacerbated in emergencies. The EU considers sexual violence a serious humanitarian issue, and is committed to support survivors and concretely contribute to eradicate such violence. 


The pilot project pursues the following overall objectives:

  • Assessing how sexual violence in humanitarian settings affect women, girls, boys and men; 
  • Assessing what medical and psychosocial assistance victims/survivors have access to in several humanitarian settings (conflict and natural disaster); 
  • Assessing the extent to which this assistance complies with relevant international standards and relevant international law; 
  • Assessing which best practices exist and should be reproduced.

The overall goal of the pilot project is to produce recommendations and contribute to increasing the capacity of humanitarian actors to adequately respond to sexual violence in humanitarian settings, and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of EU aid.

The overall aim shall be to develop recommendations to improve actions, including examples of good interventions or tools.

The project/study shall base its findings on several situations of conflict and natural disasters. At a minimum, the project shall include at least two (2) contexts. Within this, the project shall include at least one (1) conflict setting and one (1) natural disaster setting. 

Funding available 

The total budget earmarked for the co-financing of projects is estimated at EUR 500.000 The maximum possible rate of co-financing of the eligible total costs is 95%.

The deadline for the submission of proposals is 22 August 2018

The detailed criteria for applying for funding under this call, are available by clicking on the corresponding links:

  1. Grant application Guide
  2. Administrative and Technical Forms 
  3. Budget table
  4. Questions and answers

Please click on the following links for further documents in relation to grant agreements to be funded under this Call for proposals:

  1. Model Mono-beneficiary grant agreement
  2. Model multi-beneficiary grant agreement
  3. Grant agreement for pillar assessed organisations (PA Grant agreement) 
    1. ANNEX II – Grant agreement for pillar assessed organisations (PA Grant agreement)
    2. ANNEX II.b – General conditions for PA Grant or Delegation agreement (PA Grant agreement)
  4. Financial statement
  5. Technical report guidelines
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