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Near-Field Tsunami Early Warning and Emergency Planning (NEAR to WARN)

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The main issue with the early warning for near-field tsunamis is the short time which remains for emergency mobilization and response after an earthquake generation and before the arrival of the first tsunami wave.

There is urgent need to investigate technologically advanced ways for the near-field tsunami warning and its standardized implementation for the prevention of, and the preparedness against, tsunami risk in the North East Atlantic and the Mediterranean (NEAM) REGION.

The project will map all potential zones and will act in synergy to the NEAMT warning system by UNESCO (see project 2010 Call C311) to close the gap between the regional possibilities and the local needs of coastal zones threatened by near-field tsunamis.

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€42 429.00
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National Observatory of Athens
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Universita Di Bologna –IT
University of Cyprus – CY
Universidad de Cantabria-ES
Municipality of Rhodes-GR

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