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Integrated Coastal Alert system (iCoast)

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Aims to develop a tool to address coastal risks caused by extreme waves and high sea water levels in European coastal areas. The ''iCoast'' tool will be used as a coastal early warning system to forecast storm events and help managers in the decision making processes of the interventions. The main targets will be urban beaches and coastal defences and infrastructures where most of the casualties are reported.

The 2-year project will deliver a prototype of a coastal early warning system which will include the protocols of interventions and alert information, a map of the most relevant coastal hazards and associated risks over the Western Mediterranean coast which will allow defining and a set of Guidelines and Best Practices and Lessons Learnt of interventions.

EC Contribution
€475 733.00
Financing rate
  • Soluciones de Ingenieria Maritima Operacional (SIMO ES)
  • Servei Meteorologic de Catalunya (SMC ES)
  • Centre d'Emergencies de Catalunya (CECAT, INT ES)
  • Institut Geologic de Catalunya (IGC ES)
  • Information Technology for Humanitarian Assistance Cooperation and Action (ITHACA  IT)
  • University College Cork (CMRC IRE)
Last updated 15/05/2017