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Improving disaster risk reduction in Transcarpathian region, Ukraine (ImProDiReT)

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Area of activity/subject: Disaster Risk Reduction Governance & Public Risk Awareness

Summary of the project: Disaster Risk Reduction is a critical element to ensure that the likelihood of disaster decreases, as well as reducing their impact when they do occur. Disaster Risk Reduction is a joined responsibility shared by governmental agencies, regional organizations, the communities, and individual citizens. Exchanging information between these layers is a prerequisite for successful, comprehensive, and sustainable disaster risk reduction. At the same time ownership and engagement of all stakeholders is important of the adoption of disaster risk reduction strategies.

In the ImProDiReT project, we develop new approaches and methods for the joint development of DRR strategies involving multiple stakeholders. These participative approaches will be developed around a specific case in the Transcarpathian region in Ukraine. Building on the Sendai framework, specifically the “strengthening disaster risk governance”, and the work in this case the ImProDiReT project delivers a participatory approach to disaster risk governance. 

EC Contribution
€483 059.00
Financing rate

Delft University of Technology (TUD)
Jaffalaan 5
2628 BX Delft
The Netherlands


TegenWindMee – (Netherlands)

Institution Regional Development Agency of Zakarpattia Oblast - (Ukraine)

The Main School of Fire Service  - (Poland)

Institute of Geological Sciences National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine - (Ukraine)

Last updated 13/02/2018