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Prevention and Preparedness Projects in Civil Protection

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The Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM) co-finances projects that support Member and Participating States’ efforts in the field of disaster preparedness and prevention. Funding opportunities are available through annual calls for proposals targeting civil protection authorities and their partners to develop actions for disaster risk management. This programme has a two-track approach and awards grants to single-country (Track I) or multi-country projects (Track II).

Track I: Single-Country Grants

Grants under the Action: “Assistance to Member States for the preparation and implementation of disaster risk management actions”

This action provides financial support to the national civil protection authorities of Member and Participating States for the development of strategic activities (including studies, proposals, policies and plans) which can potentially leverage investments with a broad disaster risk management impact.

Track II: Cross-Border Grants

Grants under the Actions: “Prevention in civil protection and marine pollution”, “Preparedness in civil protection and marine pollution”, “Prevention and Preparedness for Marine Pollution at Sea and on Shore” and “Prevention and Preparedness for Cross-Border Risks”

This funding track supports multi-country partnerships that aim to advance disaster preparedness and prevention between Member and Participating States of the UPCM, EU Neighbours and enlargement countries that are not Participating States. These projects promote cross-border collaboration for disaster resilience and include a broad array of stakeholders, e.g. national and sub-national civil protection authorities, universities, international organisations, NGOs and the private sector.

In the current Multi-Annual Financial Framework (2014-2020), the UCPM has financed 132 cross-border projects:

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