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Haiti: supporting deportees in times of coronavirus

The Dominican Republic has been one of the hardest-hit countries in the Caribbean and monitoring the border is imperative to avoid an uncontrolled...

This Yemeni doctor has proven her critics wrong

“Other doctors told me that ‘Bushra, you are freshly graduated, you can’t cope with all this’,” she says, explaining her decision to move away from...

A digital window to breathe from

Amani is a single mother from Idlib, northwest Syria. She fled the war in her country and came to Hatay, Turkey’s southernmost province, with her 4...

Rohingya refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar rise from the ashes

“The fire was so massive that no one could extinguish it. Everything turned to ashes,” recalled Shofiqul Islam, a Rohingya volunteer working with...

Meet Mehtap: survivor, mother and designer

Mehtap* is 25 years old. She is a mother to a 10-year-old daughter. After she was married off as a young girl in Afghanistan, Mehtap lived through...


Turkey currently hosts some 4 million refugees, more than any other country in the world. Many refugee families don’t speak the language or cannot...


Imagine you have no identity documents and you are sheltering as a refugee in a strange country. You can’t go to a public hospital, apply for...


On 14 February, Guinean authorities declared a new Ebola outbreak in the rural community of Gouéké, part of N’Zérékoré prefecture in the southern...


Due to rapid urbanisation and growth, several cities in Nepal are vulnerable to multi-hazard risks and their impacts. Fires and earthquakes are the...


After 10 years of conflict, Syria’s water infrastructure is badly damaged. During the coronavirus pandemic, access to clean water is of utmost...
Cevahir fled the war in Syria and works from dusk till dawn to provide for her three children. Selma is a nurse whose passion is to help people. In...
8 years into the armed conflict, eastern Ukraine has become one of the most mine-contaminated areas in the world. Thanks to EU humanitarian funding...
The war in Syria has reached 10 year anniversary. It has forced millions to flee for safety and leave their homes and belongings behind. Neighbouring...
For people who had to flee their homes, even getting the necessities for life, such as clean, drinkable water, can be a struggle. Each year, the EU...
When COVID-19 forced the schools to close in Iran, millions of students were left without access to education, especially vulnerable Afghan refugees...