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Nutrition in Niger: “It’s a joy to help children get better”

With his weight becoming much healthier, the spark has returned to his eyes and he is much livelier. Aminata says she would like all her children to...

From Iran to Afghanistan: Rabia’s difficult homecoming

Since the beginning of the year, at least 695,000 undocumented Afghans have returned from Iran either forcibly or spontaneously. “My husband is not...

Potable water for villages in Southern Ethiopia

Although the situation is improving, many people in remote indigenous communities still lack access to safe drinking water. The limited availability...

Haiti: supporting deportees in times of coronavirus

The Dominican Republic has been one of the hardest-hit countries in the Caribbean and monitoring the border is imperative to avoid an uncontrolled...

This Yemeni doctor has proven her critics wrong

“Other doctors told me that ‘Bushra, you are freshly graduated, you can’t cope with all this’,” she says, explaining her decision to move away from...


The conflict in the Tigray region in Ethiopia broke out early November 2020. It is estimated that thousands of fighters and civilians have died, and...


A generation of Syrians has grown up abroad after their families fled the war that erupted 10 years ago in their home country. Sadly, many Syrian...


Burkina Faso, a fragile West African country among the 10 poorest in the world, is affected by an armed conflict that uprooted more than 1 million...


The Caribbean region is regularly battered by an array of natural hazards, which are becoming more frequent and intense year on year. Cuba makes no...


Turkey currently hosts some 4 million refugees, more than any other country in the world. Many refugee families don’t speak the language or cannot...
Home means comfort, love, safety, the certainty of what we know and are familiar with. Faced by conflict, danger or disasters, many people are left...
Every day, thousands of Haitians cross into the neighbouring Dominican Republic to look for work, visit their families or simply to purchase goods at...
Cevahir fled the war in Syria and works from dusk till dawn to provide for her three children. Selma is a nurse whose passion is to help people. In...
8 years into the armed conflict, eastern Ukraine has become one of the most mine-contaminated areas in the world. Thanks to EU humanitarian funding...
The war in Syria has reached 10 year anniversary. It has forced millions to flee for safety and leave their homes and belongings behind. Neighbouring...