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Women fighting child malnutrition in Chad: Mariam’s story

/echo/file/women-fighting-child-malnutrition-chad-mariam-s-story-0_enWomen fighting child malnutrition in Chad: Mariam’s story

In Chad, poor nutrition, also linked to poverty and lack of access to food, is one of the causes of severe acute malnutrition among children. One way to fight malnutrition is by improving nutrition practices.

In this video series called ‘Nourished’, we have a closer look at the women’s role in this effort: how they are helping fight malnutrition in Chad, and how EU funding to the World Food Programme (WFP) is helping provide assistance to prevent and address malnutrition.

Conflict and the impact of climate change have restricted the access to food in Bol, in the Lac Region, where Mariam lives. As any mother would do, Mariam does her best to give her children one nutritious meal a day, despite the circumstances. To do this, she gets nutritional supplements from the health centre, supported by WFP with EU funding, where children’s weight is also monitored.

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Last updated 22/12/2020