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Ten years of building resilience in the Philippines

/echo/file/ten-years-building-resilience-philippines_enTen years of building resilience in the Philippines

In the Philippines, recurring natural hazards regularly cause heavy loss of lives and extensive damage to farmlands and properties in various regions, depriving the affected residents of their assets and livelihoods. Since 1996, the European Commission has provided funding to support numerous projects under its Disaster Preparedness Programme (DIPECHO) – with the aim of enhancing the resilience of the most vulnerable communities in the Philippines.

This video highlights some of the most successful initiatives implemented in different localities across the country over the past ten years. From the implementation of early warning systems to the introduction of resilient farming techniques, the projects have equipped residents in the most-at-risk areas with the means to better cope with natural hazards and have thus helped to not only save lives, but also better preserve assets and livelihoods in the face of recurring typhoons, landslides or volcanic eruptions.

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Video by DIPECHO partners

Last updated 29/02/2016