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Supporting victims of the Indonesian earthquakes

/echo/file/supporting-victims-indonesian-earthquakes_frSupporting victims of the Indonesian earthquakes

Six months ago, on 28th September 2018, a series of strong earthquakes struck the province of Central Sulawesi in Indonesia, triggering a series of simultaneous natural disasters: a devastating tsunami on the coast, landslides in mountainous areas, and a deadly geological phenomenon known as “liquefaction”, which literally swallowed hundreds of houses, in and around the regional capital of Palu. Thousands of people were killed, and tens of thousands, displaced after losing their homes.

The European Union immediately responded by channeling €1.5 million in humanitarian funding to provide assistance to the affected families. Since then, the EU’s partner, ACTED, has been providing shelter, clean water and sanitation facilities to the most impacted communities in the area.

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