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South America: anticipating natural hazards before they hit

/echo/file/south-america-anticipating-natural-hazards-they-hit_enSouth America: anticipating natural hazards before they hit

South America is regularly stricken by an array of natural hazards which are becoming more frequent and intense year on year.

Access to reliable and real time meteorological information is key to be prepared to face upcoming natural hazards, allow first responders to spring into action and help communities limit the damage.

Thanks to EU humanitarian funding, Cooperazione Internazionale (COOPI) has developed a project to provide the necessary tools to install meteorological observation stations in Bolivia, Peru and Paraguay based on affordable and open-source hardware.

Thanks to the collected data, weather anomalies can be identified in advance, giving national and local authorities the time to coordinate early preventive interventions and a more efficient response.

In 2021, the European Union has allocated €16.5 million towards humanitarian partners in Latin America and the Caribbean working to enhance the capacity to be better prepared in the face of natural hazards and human-made disasters.

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Last updated 13/10/2021