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Safe Spaces for Women and Girls in Rohingya Refugee Camps

/echo/file/safe-spaces-women-and-girls-rohingya-refugee-camps_frSafe Spaces for Women and Girls in Rohingya Refugee Camps

Afruza Sultana is a Bangladeshi aid worker in Cox’s Bazar where she manages an EU-supported Safe Space for Women and Girls. Every day, Afruza and her team address challenges faced by women and girls in the camps. “We do outreach work to understand how their life was in Myanmar. Many of them said that they liked how women and girls can go out in Bangladesh, unlike in Myanmar.”

Afruza and her team ensure women and girls have access to various services in the camps, “Our primary work is with women and adolescent girls. We try to provide them with psychological support. We check if they are receiving support such as safe shelter, food, aid distribution cards, hygiene kits. We check if they have safe access to water and sanitation.”

Aid workers like Afruza provide key support to help women and girls feel protected.

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