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Safe spaces for women and girl refugees in Bangladesh

/echo/file/safe-spaces-women-and-girl-refugees-bangladesh_frSafe spaces for women and girl refugees in Bangladesh

Rohingya refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar are home to nearly one million people; 80 percent of the refugees are women and children. They survived horrific violence in Myanmar and they still face risks such as abuse, child marriage, and violence in the camps. With EU funding, UNICEF provides safe spaces to offer protection to women and girls.

These safe spaces provide respite from crowded camps, they are a space in which women and girls can relax, talk, play, and pray. Furthermore, they can report abuse and violence, seek help for their problems, and social workers provide them with psychosocial support to overcome the trauma they experienced.

Video by UNICEF

Dernière mise à jour 11/01/2019