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Responding to Peru's worst floods in 30 years

/echo/file/responding-perus-worst-floods-30-years_enResponding to Peru's worst floods in 30 years

In 2017, the "coastal Niño" phenomenon caused the worst floods in Peru in three decades. The scale of destruction was immense: 348 000 houses were damaged, of which 55 000 were entirely destroyed. Over 40 000 km of roads, 2 915 schools, and 930 healthcare centres in 24 of the country’s 25 regions were also devastated by the floods.

The resulting human needs were staggering: 1.4 million people were affected, 283 000 people severely so - of which 130 000 needed emergency food assistance.

The EU funded €1 million in emergency response for shelter, water and sanitation projects, and early recovery programmes implemented by EU partners CARE, Practical Action, UNDP, UNICEF, and Save the Children. In addition, the EU deployed Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid experts to help coordinate assistance and provide technical expertise to local authorities.

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Last updated 07/02/2018