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Protecting livelihoods in North Korea

/echo/file/protecting-livelihoods-north-korea_enProtecting livelihoods in North Korea

Due to its geographical location, floods are a regular feature in rural parts of North Korea where the majority of the population lives. In remote Bulgunbyol ri village of South Hamgyong province, for example, the river bursts its banks every year, flooding the surrounding farmlands, damaging homes and affecting the livelihoods of communities living in the area.

With the support from the European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid Operations and the Finnish Red Cross (FRC), villagers have joined forces to build a new flood embankment to divert the flow of the water. The simple hand-made structure helps mitigate the risks of recurring floods in the area, thereby ensuring the livelihoods of villagers in Bulgunbyol ri and nearby communities are well safeguarded.

Video by IFRC

Last updated 03/04/2017