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Preparing for an earthquake in the freezing capital of Mongolia

/echo/file/preparing-earthquake-freezing-capital-mongolia_frPreparing for an earthquake in the freezing capital of Mongolia

Mongolia has a population of roughly three million people, of which 45% live in the capital, Ulaanbaatar. The city is facing rapid urbanisation, exposing its inhabitants to a variety of hazards, especially earthquakes, as the area is prone to seismic activity.

Without proper preparation, a potential tremor in this city would have catastrophic consequences for the population, especially if it happened in wintertime, when the temperature can drop to minus 40 degrees. With funding from the European Union, the Finnish Red Cross and the Mongolian Red Cross are working in partnership to ensure that Mongolian organisations, institutions and citizens are better prepared should such a disaster occur.

The approach focuses on increasing institutional preparedness at both national and local levels. In addition, various activities increase public awareness and lead to better safety conditions at schools, which are particularly vulnerable to hazards.

Video by Finnish Red Cross

Dernière mise à jour 13/10/2017