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Only one dream: watching my son grow up

/echo/file/only-one-dream-watching-my-son-grow_enOnly one dream: watching my son grow up

Displacement caused by generalised violence and organised criminal gangs affect communities in El Salvador and Honduras. More than 430,000 people have been internally displaced within these countries.

In Honduras and El Salvador, criminal gangs exert heavy territorial control, especially in urban areas where poverty is rampant. Extortion, restrictions on mobility, threats and intimidation, kidnapping, child recruitment, sexual violence, and homicides are common.

The impact on the lives of people is devastating. The current limited response to displacement has resulted in significant unmet needs and left many without access to fundamental rights. In particular, displaced people ask us to provide shelter, education, health, and food. Psychosocial support is in many cases required but completely ignored.

The European Union, in cooperation with its humanitarian partner, the Norwegian Refugee Council, helps displaced people by providing safe shelters, cash for food and information, counselling and legal services to protect Hondurans and Salvadorians who had to flee their homes.

Video by Norwegian Refugee Council. All rights reserved. Licensed to the EU under conditions.

Last updated 25/11/2019