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One deported, one opportunity

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Extreme violence in Honduras and El Salvador has been likened to a war situation and its impact on the lives of people is devastating. People fleeing violence often remain anonymous because they fear reprisals from criminal groups. Many do not see the incentive in seeking assistance when they are victims of a crime, due to the lack of trust in government institutions. Most flee to Mexico and the United States, or to Costa Rica, and Panama.

Many of those fleeing are children and young people - often unaccompanied. In spite of their protection needs, almost 200,000 people were deported back to their countries last year. Many of these deportees require humanitarian assistance and protection. For some, returning homes is like a death sentence.

The European Union, in cooperation with its humanitarian partner, the Norwegian Refugee Council, provide lifesaving humanitarian assistance to Hondurans and Salvadorans in need of international protection who have been deported back from Mexico and the U.S.

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Last updated 18/12/2019