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Lost in Refuge: Jameela’s story

/echo/file/lost-refuge-jameela-s-story_enLost in Refuge: Jameela’s story

Displaced by one of the most severe conflicts in recent history, more than 3.6 million Syrians have fled to Turkey, where they decided to seek refuge and a safe place to live. Jameela and her children are no different. Haunted by the past and facing an uncertain future, the mother has found herself the sole supporter of her family and trying to rebuild their war-torn lives.

With her savings quickly depleting, the 31-year-old mother struggled to find an affordable place for her family to live. Without a temporary protection card that allows Syrian refugees to move freely, access services, obtain work permits, and receive humanitarian aid, Jameela could not stay in the same place for long in fear of being sent back to Syria because of a lack of official documentation. With the help of the Danish Refugee Council’s (DRC) protection team and with funding from the European Union’s Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO), Jameela was able to successfully apply for the ID and was finally able to start rebuilding her life.

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Last updated 20/06/2019