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How the Congolese community is fighting against child malnutrition

/echo/file/how-congolese-community-fighting-against-child-malnutrition_enHow the Congolese community is fighting against child malnutrition

The reason children become malnourished is because their families have difficulty providing sufficient, quality food on a daily basis. In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the EU has partnered with organisations Action Against Hunger and COOPI to respond to nutrition emergencies across the country. In 2017, these organisations trained over 1700 care givers and community health workers.

The community outreach workers play an essential role in the fight against malnutrition. They are volunteers, but take it upon themselves to detect malnutrition among the households in their neighbourhood and raise awareness. Mothers' support groups share information on the challenges of keeping babies healthy, and organise cooking demonstrations so that people can prepare nutritious porridges and food for young children with local produce.

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