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EU Aid Volunteers: Sarah in Malawi

/echo/file/eu-aid-volunteers-sarah-malawi_enEU Aid Volunteers: Sarah in Malawi

Ever wondered about the difference between volunteering and "voluntourism"? In this video, Sarah Buss, a German EU Aid Volunteer explains the difference. Sarah is one of over 200 EU Aid Volunteers stationed outside of the EU since the autumn of 2016. Hear about Sarah's experiences in the Malawi, and how meeting beneficiaries has changed her perception of humanitarian aid.

Drought and floods are some of the natural disasters that have robbed communities of their sources of food, shelter and income, making disaster risk reduction a priority for EU Humanitarian Aid. Sarah uses her professional skills to help families living in extreme poverty, and find sustainable ways of generating income and reducing their dependence on aid.

Video by EU/ECHO

Last updated 04/12/2017