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Ethiopian girl Tsion on surviving drought and fighting hunger together

/echo/file/ethiopian-girl-tsion-surviving-drought-and-fighting-hunger-together_enEthiopian girl Tsion on surviving drought and fighting hunger together

Last year, when a devastating drought struck Ethiopia, EU and World Food Programme (WFP) assistance helped keep millions of people from hunger. Follow Tsion's story about rebuilding lives then and how we need to continue the fight against hunger with a new drought hitting parts of the country again. 

#WhatFoodMeans is a campaign to raise awareness of how the European Union has enabled the World Food Programme to defeat hunger at a critical time for Ethiopia. It showcases how the right partnerships and interventions can achieve more than saving lives: EU assistance ensures Ethiopian families and refugees living in the country, have access to adequate and nutritious food to keep going. EU assistance also prevents smallholding farmers and pastoralists (nomadic livestock herders) from selling their livestock or losing their income. 

Drought is affecting new parts of Ethiopia again this year, putting over 5 million people in need of urgent food assistance. Through Tsion's personal experience, find out how, by working together, lives can be saved. 

Video by Project Everyone/WFP/EU

Last updated 06/03/2017