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Conflict in eastern Ukraine: empowering those who suffer the most

/echo/file/conflict-through-eyes-children-darynas-story_enConflict through the eyes of children: Daryna's story

The conflict in eastern Ukraine has now entered its seventh year, affecting around 430,000 children. Daryna from Nyzhnie is one of them.

Like other children, she suffers from the distress caused by the hostilities she continues to witness in her country. To keep her mind busy and her thoughts away from the complex situation she has found herself in, the girl tries to focus on her passions: music and literature. She's also the deputy head of a school safety committee, which helps reduce risks and improve safety in schools located along the contact line in eastern Ukraine. Through their participation, children like Daryna feel empowered and let their voices to be heard.

The safety committees at schools in eastern Ukraine were established by the NGO Save the Children with funding from EU Humanitarian Aid.

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Last updated 17/06/2020