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Colombia: assisting the elderly amidst the coronavirus pandemic

/echo/file/colombia-assisting-elderly-amidst-coronavirus-pandemic_enColombia: assisting the elderly amidst the coronavirus pandemic

In the most isolated areas of Colombia, like the southern department of Nariño, access to healthcare is often limited, and medical facilities are hard to reach. Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, the local elderly population has become increasingly vulnerable.

Thanks to EU funds, the NGO ‘Alianza por la Solidaridad’ coordinated with local authorities and set up immediate response medical teams who go from house to house looking for patients with coronavirus symptoms and intervene whenever it is needed. Each team is composed of a general practitioner, a respiratory therapist, a chief nursing officer, and two nursing assistants. “We have discovered many problems among the elderly due to the lack of diversified healthcare,” says Nancy Cortes, one of the respiratory therapists accompanying the response teams.

The teams also conduct free medical screenings in community centres in collaborations with senior citizens’ associations to maximise the impact of their work and guarantee that those who are most vulnerable to the coronavirus receive adequate assistance and support. More than 5,700 people will benefit directly from this intervention, and these immediate response teams will remain active for the years to come, ready to respond to any medical emergency.

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Last updated 17/11/2020