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Burundi refugees in Tanzania: Child protection

/echo/file/burundi-refugees-tanzania-child-protection_frBurundi refugees in Tanzania: Child protection

Ines is one of 280 000 refugees that have fled Burundi and one of 11 million refugee children worldwide. All on her own, Ines followed other people going to Tanzania. Since the pre-election dispute and ensuing violence in April 2015, people have continued to leave Burundi in their hundreds. Many of them are unaccompanied children like Ines.

Wary at first, Ines was placed with a foster mother in one of the refugee camps and seems to be thriving. In the mornings, she goes to Plan International’s child-friendly space which is supported by the European Commission. Here, Ines can play, dance and talk to a counselor in a safe environment. In the afternoons she goes to school. As there are so few schools in the camps, the Commission has also allocated funds for the construction of more classrooms.

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