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Afghanistan: Providing emergency education to returning refugee children

/echo/file/afghanistan-providing-emergency-education-returning-refugee-children_frAfghanistan: Providing emergency education to returning refugee children

Decades of conflict and insecurity have forced countless Afghan families to flee from their homes, stripping children of their right to access education. In 2016, the country saw a staggering number of refugees -- the vast majority of whom were children -- return from neighbouring Pakistan, most of them after decades of displacement. This sudden surge in the number of returning refugees has overwhelmed the capacity of Afghan schools to provide much-needed education to conflict-affected boys and girls. Unable to attend school, children are also exposed to various protection risks, ranging from early marriage to forced recruitment into armed groups.

In response to the situation, the European Commission has teamed up with the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) to introduce an emergency education project in eastern Afghanistan, an area bordering Pakistan that has witnessed the highest number of refugee-returnees over the past few years. The initiative helps ensure access to quality education and a protective environment for vulnerable children.

Video: Norwegian Refugee Council

Dernière mise à jour 08/05/2017