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“I hate war and weapons. They took away my education.” The EU and UNICEF help thousands of children in Syria cope with years of conflict.

Six months ago, as violence escalated near their home, Abdullah and his family were faced with another challenge. Together with his parents and six siblings, Abdullah had no choice but to flee Deir-ez-Zor and seek shelter in Mabrouka, a tented camp...
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Mali : « L’aide humanitaire européenne permet de traiter chaque année 80 000 enfants dont la vie est menacée par la malnutrition »

expert Marion Saurel gives a presentation on malnutrition
Quels sont les différents types de malnutrition?Plusieurs formes de malnutrition existent entre les déficits de croissance et les carences en micronutriments. Mais les deux principales formes sont  la malnutrition chronique et la malnutrition aigüe...
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Cash as a lifeline for Syrian families in Lebanon

Aman left Syria in 2012 with her children. They crossed the border, registered with the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), and took their papers to Beirut, looking for work and wait until Syria was safe to return to. “We had nothing,” explained...
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Back to School in Jordan

Munir Ahmed al-Mahmoud, a volunteer teacher
Muddy shoes pile up at the entrance of the small tent as morning classes are about to begin. A group of children, all Syrian refugees, listen attentively as Munir Ahmed al-Mahmoud, a 30-year-old volunteer teacher from the war-torn city of Hama,...
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"Pen instead of a sword": education to overcome hardships

Luay, young zorro by Unicef Turkey
Luay and his family fled the war in Syria. He says that he "will never return to Syria. There are planes there.” He hates the sounds of planes. Life has forced him to dream far away from his home and roots.After being forced to flee Aleppo, Luay is...
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Bringing reproductive health care to Syria’s underserved Al-Tabqa

Reproductive health team in Syria by UNFPA
Since May 2017, the population has grown by some 200 per cent, according to a joint UN assessment mission conducted there in December 2017. There are now some 90 000 residents and 80 000 displaced people, many from Ar-Raqqa City and the countryside...
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Shot in Kasaï. Civilians bearing the brunt of fresh conflict in DRC

17 year old Marie
Kananga's wide avenues and art deco buildings hint at a more prosperous past. Its streets bustle with activity and belie the trauma inflicted on its inhabitants by the recent violence. The once peaceful capital of Kasai’s central province, long an...
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Workshops help children in eastern Ukraine cope with conflict

Mykyta Kondratenko
"I remember very well what children were like in the beginning of the war," says 10A’s teacher Natalia Tsenkova. "They were like mice – quiet and withdrawn, with fear always in their eyes. All of us, both the children and the teachers, were living...
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Nepal: from water woes to overflow pipes

Community members pose with NGO staff
“We now have access to water in our community and I don’t have to worry about giving water to my cattle or washing my children’s clothes,” says Sakuntala Gopali with a happy smile on his face. “It has made our lives so much easier.”Sakuntala looks...
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Changing the tune: musical education to escape Colombia’s conflict

The Mosquera family
Giovanni, a 15-year old Colombian from the country’s Pacific coast, says he’s seen too many neighbours fall from the bullets of criminal gangs. "The friends who got mixed up in the violence are already dead," he says while playing a drum on a...