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Volcan de Fuego eruptions in Guatemala
On 3 June 2018, Guatemala’s Fuego volcano blew up in one of the most violent series of eruptions in a century.


Seven years after the world’s youngest nation gained independence, fighting, sexual violence and human rights abuses continue unabated in South Sudan.


The conflict in eastern Ukraine is in its fifth year with no end in sight. Although media attention has shifted and the conflict no longer features in the headlines, there are daily clashes with victims on both sides of the “line of contact”, with...


Northeast Nigeria Education in Emergencies
Nine years into the conflict wreaking havoc in northeast Nigeria, about 1.7 million people remain uprooted and depend heavily on humanitarian assistance to cover their most basic needs.


Vocational training gives Sudanese refugees in Chad a livelihood and autonomy
Farchana refugee camp in eastern Chad measures 1.7 square kilometres, about the size of 19 football pitches.


Mobile health clinic
In some of northwest Syria’s most remote areas, Relief International (RI) runs an EU-funded health programme which aims to save lives and reduce the suffering of people affected by the country’s long-standing civil war.


In August 2017, a military crackdown was launched in Myanmar’s Rakhine state, historically home to a population of Rohingya Muslims, following attacks on border posts by an insurgent group.


One year after Iraq’s second-largest city Mosul was retaken from ISIS by the Iraqi government, thousands of improvised explosive devices, unexploded aerial bombs and complex booby-traps litter the city, waiting to be triggered by the slightest...


South Sudan refugees
With over 900 000 refugees, Ethiopia is the second largest refugee-hosting nation in Africa after Uganda. About half are people who have fled brutal conflict in the world’s newest country, South Sudan. A steady stream of refugees continues to...


Darfur’s forgotten refugees
Since 2003, twelve refugee camps in the eastern part of Chad have hosted over 300 000 people who fled Sudan’s Darfur conflict.