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South Sudan by PAH
In March 2016, Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH) started another water, sanitation and hygiene project, funded by EU Humanitarian Aid.


Mothers against malnutrition by Alima
The Sahel has one of the world’s highest rates of acute child malnutrition: every year, 1.4 million children suffer from the most severe form of the disease in the semi-arid band below the Sahara desert that stretches across Africa.


Flash floods in Malawi by Coopi
In February 2017, after a year of severe drought linked to the El Nino weather phenomenon, Salima district in central Malawi experienced flash floods which forced thousands of people to abandon their homes.


Refugee children go to school in Greece by IOM
Since October 2016, the European Commission has helped the Greek authorities to facilitate access to education for refugee children in Greece.


IRC community health worker
In June 2012, widespread violence between Buddhists and Muslims in Myanmar's Rakhine State led to the displacement of 145 000 people.


Medair emergency response plan in South Sudan
For the first time in six years, a famine has been declared. This questionable honour falls to South Sudan, the world’s youngest country where war and economic collapse have left one million people on the brink of starvation.


South Sudan Child malnutrition UNICEF
Ongoing insecurity, combined with an economic crisis that has pushed inflation above 800% has created widespread food insecurity, with malnutrition among children at emergency levels in most parts South Sudan.


Philippines Mindanao Ashran baker
The Philippines’ southern region of Mindanao has been riddled by a series of overlapping conflicts for decades, taking a huge toll on the local population.


Measles vaccination in Guinea by ALIMA
In response to an epidemic of measles in Guinea, the EU has provided humanitarian funding to contribute to the nation-wide vaccination campaign.


Ritsona refugee camp
Health care is one of the key services provided by the Red Cross in camps across Greece where it operates. With support from EU Humanitarian Aid, the Red Cross provides medical services with doctors, midwives, vaccinations and referrals if special...