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Water helps to heal war-torn Central African Republic

Three years ago, Central African Republic (CAR) was torn apart by unspeakable violence. Today, the country is making progress towards reconciliation and recovery, but the humanitarian situation remains extremely serious: 2.3 million people (approximately 50% of the population) are in need of assistance and some 420 000 remain internally displaced. Even for those who have returned to their villages, life is extremely tough. They found their houses looted, destroyed and water sources contaminated. The European Commission’s humanitarian aid department (ECHO) provides funding for projects run by its partners in the field to cover the needs of the most vulnerable. Through the work of its partner Oxfam Intermón, the Commission supports the provision of safe water, proper sanitation and hygiene measures, which are essential for survival and prevention of diseases.

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Story by Oxfam Intermón

Photo credits: ©Pablo Tosco / Oxfam Intermón

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