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South Sudanese refugees in Uganda: the fastest growing refugee crisis

Uganda has surpassed Ethiopia as the country with the highest number of refugees on the African continent. This is mainly due to the recent mass influx of South Sudanese refugees. BibiBidi settlement in northern Uganda is the world's fastest growing refugee settlement. Opened in August it hosts more than 220 000 refugees. The refugees speak of widespread looting, arbitrary killings, rapes, and the abduction of boys as a way of recruiting child soldiers. By the time they reach the border, many of them have spent days in the bush hiding from the armed groups who are terrorising the roads. Uganda is trying to deal with this huge inflow of people but needs help. The EU is stepping up its aid for the South Sudan crisis with €78 million. With 1 million South Sudanese refugees in the region - over half of whom are in Uganda - and 1.7 million internally displaced people the needs are immense. Text and Photos: EU/ECHO/Anouk Delafortrie

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