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Providing essential help for Ethiopia’s displaced

Despite new and positive political changes, in the last 2 years, Ethiopia has also had to grapple with large-scale internal displacements. More than 3 million people have been displaced across the country, often living in makeshift shelters in dorms or open public spaces that have created a huge humanitarian crisis.

Displaced people rely on local and international aid for food, shelter and healthcare services. The European Union, working with partners in Ethiopia, has given humanitarian assistance to Ethiopia, with a special focus on displaced people, worth €94 million from 2018 to date.

Working with People In Need, in Dilla, Gedeo zone in the south of the country, the EU reached more than 2,000 displaced families and distributed basic essential items including clothing for children under the age of 5 year old.

Text by Melikte Tadesse. Photos © People in Need/Petr Stefan

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