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Clean water allows Gaza clinics to stay open

Few things are more essential than clean water. In the Gaza Strip, only 1 in 10 Palestinian families has access to safe drinking water, down from 60% a decade ago. Water infrastructure has deteriorated to the point that clinics have frequently had to shut down, at times when thousands of people needed treatment for injuries sustained during demonstrations.

With development at a standstill after years of conflict and an economic stranglehold, hygiene conditions in Gaza have rapidly deteriorated. The United Nations has warned that the Gaza Strip may soon become uninhabitable due to the lack of clean water. The European Union has decided to step in and join forces with UNICEF to provide clinics with clean water.

After improvements to the water infrastructure and a new solar-powered desalinisation plant, 2 Gaza clinics no longer have to rely on water vendors who are unable to reach them during violence. The clinics are now able to provide emergency care to thousands of people each month, without interruption.

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