Protection Civile et Operations d'Aide Humanitaire Européennes

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What is it?

Eurobarometer surveys monitor the evolution of public opinion in all EU Member States. The aim is to assess EU citizens’ awareness of and support for the European Union's activities. Tracing public opinion trends helps the preparation of policy, decision-making, and the evaluation of the EU's work.

What do European citizens think?

The 2017 results show a continuing and overwhelming level of support for EU action on humanitarian aid and civil protection:

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  • 88% of respondents felt it important that the EU fund humanitarian aid activities.
  • 90% said it was important that the EU help to coordinate the response to disasters in the EU (through its civil protection role).
  • Most EU citizens (56%) do not think their own country has sufficient means to deal with all major disasters on their own.

Asked about the current pressure on Europe's public finances, 84% supported the continued funding of EU humanitarian aid, and 66% felt humanitarian aid provided by the EU was more efficient than by individual countries. An overwhelming majority (91%) also believe that EU should fund education for children and young people caught up in crises, and 86% support the sending of EU volunteers abroad.

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If an emergency were to occur in their country, 80% of Europeans feel that they would expect another EU country to help. 86% also believe that the EU should help any country in the world hit by disasters by sending experts and equipment. A large majority (87%) also believes that there should be an EU civil protection policy, as crises can impact across borders. Finally, 81% think that coordinated EU action in dealing with disasters is more effective than actions by individual countries.

Regarding prevention and preparedness for disasters, almost half of Europeans (49%) do not think that enough is being done at a regional level or within their own countries to prevent or prepare for emergencies.

EU citizens also show a high level of awareness (71%) of EU humanitarian aid activities and significant awareness (55%) about EU's coordination role in response to disasters in the EU.

Report and Summary

Factsheets national results:

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