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Brussels Conference: Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region

Rural Damascus, Syria. © ICRC
Rural Damascus, Syria. © ICRC

On 24th April 2018, EU Commissioners Johannes Hahn and Christos Stylianides, European Commission Directors-General Monique Pariat and Christian Danielsson and high level representatives from the UN and key donors will gather in Brussels for a Day of Dialogue with representatives from 164 NGOs, including 15 from Syria and 72 from the three main refugee-hosting countries. NGOs and humanitarian organisations play a crucial role in delivering assistance to people affected by the conflict, in both Syria and the region. Also joining them will be ministers from Jordan and Lebanon, two of the countries most heavily involved in the hosting of Syrian refugees, as well as ministers from EU Member States.

The event aims to facilitate exchanges of views in order to identify major challenges, share best practices, and improve cooperation between various humanitarian activities on the ground. Most importantly, the Day of Dialogue will represent an opportunity for NGOs and partner organisations to provide concrete operational recommendations to the governments and stakeholders concerned.

The Day of Dialogue will build on the results of earlier consultations and explore the following themes:

  1. Protecting Syrians across the region
  2. How to best deliver humanitarian and resilience assistance
  3. Fostering inclusive growth and social development in hosting countries
  4. Securing a future for children and young people

Conclusions and recommendations will then be reported to the Ministerial Conference on 25th April

Follow the developments of the conference on social media via the hashtag #SyriaConf2018

Date: 24/04/2018
Location: European Commission, Charlemagne building, Brussels, Belgium

Last updated 26/04/2018