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European cooperation

Vademecum - Civil Protection

The European Union supports and complements Member States' action at national, regional and local level. Within the European Union this includes work in the area of risk prevention, preparing civil-protection personnel and in responding to natural or man made disasters, and promoting swift, effective operational cooperation between national civil protection services; It also encompasses to promote consistency in international civil-protection work.

EU Civil Protection Mechanism

Via the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, 32 participating states and the EU cooperate in civil protection matters.

Monitoring and Information Center

The Monitoring and Information Centre (MIC) is the operational heart of the Mechanism.

Training and exercises

A training programme ensures compatibility and complementarity between the intervention teams from the participating states, including the sharing of best practices, joint exercises and a system of exchange of experts of the participating states.

Financial instrument

The Civil Protection Financial Instrument finances three main aspects of civil protection activities: prevention, preparedness and response.

Legal texts in the EU

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