Civil Protection Financial Instrument

CALL FOR PROPOSALS 2011 OJ C169/08 of 09.06.11 – Exercises, the Civil Protection Mechanism

The call for proposals for Exercises in the field of the Community Civil Protection Mechanism 2011 refers to action 2.2 of the Work Programme 2011 and aims to support exercises simulating the situation and conditions of major emergencies which will  require the activation of the Community  Civil Protection Mechanism, including Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear emergencies, and the involvement of Participating States through the MIC, mainly with deployment of intervention teams (including modules), Coordination and/or Assessment Teams of experts, National key contact point  staff, officials of the Community institutions and other intervention support.

According to the Commission Decision 2004/277/EC, Euratom of 29 December 2003 which defines the Exercise aims (Article 24) the organised Exercises should be aiming mainly at:

(a) improving the response capacity and providing the necessary practice of the teams meeting the criteria for participation in civil protection assistance interventions;

(b) improving and verifying the procedures and establishing a common language for the coordination of civil protection assistance interventions and reducing the response time in major emergencies;

(c) enhancing operational cooperation between the civil protection services of the participating States;

(d) sharing lessons learned.

The financing of exercises is secured through the Civil Protection Financial Instrument established with Council Decision 2007/162/EC, Euratom; maximum co-funding rate is established in 85% of eligible costs, with a maximum of Euro 1.000.000 for each proposal financed.

The objectives are:

To improve civil protection preparedness and response for all kinds of emergencies, including marine pollution, through providing a testing environment and learning opportunity for all actors involved in civil protection assistance interventions under the Community  Civil Protection Mechanism, all actors involved in civil protection modules, technical assistance and support teams, as well as testing the procedures of the Civil Protection Mechanism itself.

The expected results are:

  • The interoperability and the response capacity of intervention teams is improved as the result of the exercise ; in particular this will imply quicker dispatch  time, improved cooperation arrangements, better communication between headquarters and field, identification of shortcomings in the existing structures.
  • Participating States are aware and prepared to receive and to provide assistance through the Mechanism.

Therefore the goal of this call for proposals is to identify project proposals by eligible organisations/bodies from participating States that are planned and implemented in such a way that they address the above mentioned objectives and have the above mentioned expected results.


The general notice for the 2011 Call for Proposals was published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 09.06.2011, C169/08 PDF file. The detailed criteria for applying for funding under this call, i.e. the Grant application guide for Exercises 2011 PDF file edition and the Grant application Administrative, Technical MS Word document and Financial Forms 2011 MS Excel file are available by clicking on the corresponding links.

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Please click on the following links for more information on the grant agreement governing the action grants funded under the Civil Protection Financial Instrument: Common Provisions PDF file, Special Provisions MS Word document, Annex II PDF file and Grants agreements guidelines PDF file.

Please click on the following links for further documents in relation to grant agreements to be funded under this Call for proposals: Annex III (Financial Statement MS Excel file + Guidelines for completing the financial statement PDF file), Annex IV (Audit Certificate MS Word document - Guidelines + Model Certificate PDF file), Guidelines to partnership agreement MS Word document.

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