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EU Ecolabel Clothing and textiles / Footwear

Licence Holders

EU Ecolabel Footwear products meet criteria that guarantee:
      ✓ Cleaning and care instructions specified for each product.
      ✓ Repair your footwear rather than throw it away. This is less damaging to the environment.
      ✓ Please dispose of your footwear in the appropriate local collection point.

For more information about this product group

    • Full criteria document, including product group definition: Commission Decision 2016/1349/EU
    • Summary of the criteria document: Factsheet
    • Technical background reports, calculation sheets, application forms, User Manuals and more: Under the product group tab on the Product Group and Criteria page


List of Licence Holders:

Licence No. Products
Ejendals Suomi Oy
Ejendals Suomi Oy 3 Finland
Skofabriken Kavat AB
Skofabriken Kavat AB 49 Sweden