COS-ETPO-2015-2-01– Cooperation with the European Trade Promotion Organisations

With this action, the European Commission aims to achieve two objectives:

  •  a gradual development of co-operation projects with the national Trade Promotion Organisations, as well a strengthening of the European Trade Promotion Organisations network; 
  •  a closer collaboration with  EU Member States and their Trade Promotion Organisations in the framework of the Missions for Growth and other internationalisation activities of the European Commission.

This action includes three strands:

  1. To enhance cooperation among the trade promotion organisations and with the European Commission (setting up a European agenda);
  2. To assist to the organisation of future Missions for Growth and their follow up via the network of national trade promotion organisations; 
  3. To develop of a web-based instrument that can be of use to both national trade promotion organisations and the European Commission in order to map the international trade promotion activities inside and outside the EU.     

The action will be implemented by consortia of Trade Promotion Organisations operating in COSME participating countries. Given the still significant differences between EU Member States as regards the institutional division of responsibilities for supporting business internationalisation and missions abroad, in this Call the term "Trade Promotion Organisations" is used as a catch-all term to encapsulate all public (Ministries) or semi-public and private (Agencies, Chambers, NGO's) not-for-profit organisations with a public mission in this field.

Eligibility of applicants

Applicant organisations must be legal entities. They can be fully or partly public or private bodies; private bodies must be properly constituted and registered under national law. The entities participating in the consortia should be public, semi-public or private organisations being active and having a public mission in the design and/or implementation of the SME internationalisation policy of the respective country.

Only applications from legal entities established in the following countries are eligible:

  •  EU Member States;
  • Countries participating in the COSME programme under Article 6 of the COSME Regulation.

Applicants have to submit the supporting documents referring to their legal status, consortium members will submit letters confirming their participation to the project and detailing their public mission of trade promotion.

Submission of proposals

The deadline for electronic submission is 9 April 2015 at 17:00 hours (Brussels time).

The submission system for this call is available on the Participant's portal webpage.

The electronic submission reference for this call will be COS-ETPO-2015-2-01.


Potential applicants should address questions related to the content of this call by e-mail to Only questions sent to this functional mailbox will be answered.

Answers will only be published periodically and within a reasonable period of time on this page.

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