Coaching under the SME Instrument

Coaching under the SME Instrument

The SME Instrument is impact oriented. It is focused on finding the best SMEs and not only giving them a grant but also business innovation coaching. Beneficiaries can receive up to 15 days of coaching (3 days at phase 1 and 12 days at phase 2).

Coaches will help the beneficiaries to progress over the life cycle of their innovation, from idea to proof of concept, to first pilot application and finally upscaling and expansion. They will empower the SME to cope with challenges such as developing their strategy and organisation, identifying their market and improving ability to attract finance. 

Coaching services

The coaching approach under the SME Instrument is built on a philosophy of "sense and solve" - understanding the context of the company and empowering the management for handling similar challenges in the future on their own. 

Based on this philosophy 3 distinct coaching services are available:

  • Business development: focused on the identification, analysis and evaluation of potential business opportunities, the definition of business segments and the development of an effective marketing mix;
  • Organisation: aimed at mobilizing the resources of the SME to ensure the efficiency and performance of the company’s organisation;
  • Cooperation: to support SMEs in planning and implementing innovation partnerships and project consortia.

Become a coach

Access via a regional partner

Enterprise Europe Network acts as the intermediary between the SME and the coaching scheme. The role of Enterprise Europe Network is to help the SME to identify challenges and coaching needs, and to support the SME in selecting a coach.

Contact between the SME and Enterprise Europe Network will be organised by the Executive Agency for SMEs (EASME) as soon as the grant agreement is signed.

Building a community of coaches

For the coaching scheme to be successful, a learning community of coaches has been established with the view of continuously improving the coaching services provided to SMEs. It is built around the CoachCom2020 project. The first meeting of coaches took place in February 2015.



  • Richard Kastelein's picture

    This link below is dead - therefore it's not possible to read it. Therefore it's not possible to honestly apply to be a coach.


  • martizr's picture

    The link is not broken and if you read a bit the page you'll find this article: http://ec.europa.eu/easme/node/27

  • David Gough's picture

    Coaching is one of the best way from which we are able to get sufficient chances to know about a thing. Without any proper knowledge we can't make a thing possible; for a business venture it is quite essential to have effective employees and best management system which ultimately helps for the smooth running of the business. With the help of effective coaching service business organizations are able to develop their strategies and management system.

  • INNOVECTOR porté par M.M.INVESTISSEMENTS Michel MOREAU 's picture

    Le Projet d'Entreprise Innovante(PEI) est une méthode collaborative de coaching stratégique
    efficace , basée sur une approche systémique. L'objectif pour la croissance des entreprises
    innovantes est de clarifier la stratégie gagnante pour en faciliter sa mise en œuvre.
    Le Suivi Stratégique permet dans la durée, d'ajuster l'action opérationnelle à la ligne stratégique.

  • Peter's picture

    Please, advise how to submit reference letters or testimonials mentioned in Call for expression of interest re coaches.

  • kammeju's picture

    Dear Peter,

    in the meantime the procedure has slightly changed and the reference letters are no longer requested. Please express your interest using this form.

    Thank you and best regards, Juliane @EASME

  • Michael Huxley - MH Innovation's picture

    I submitted my "form" 2 weeks ago and have heard nothing. What are the time scales for a decision?
    Have you received it?
    What next?

  • Ray Garcia's picture

    See this book on Startup Coaching, it is particularly suited to SMEs within the EU.


  • MOREAU MICHEL's picture

    Le Projet d'Entreprise Innovante est une méthode collaborative de coaching stratégique efficace,
    basée sur une approche systémique de l'entreprise innovante.Le but est malgré l'environnement
    complexe dans lequel évolue l'entreprise , de clarifier la stratégie gagnante pour en faciliter sa mise en oeuvre.L'accompagnement du suivi stratégique offre aux fondateurs la possibilité de prendre un
    recul nécessaire pour, dans la durée, ajuster l'action opérationnelle à la ligne stratégique.

  • Alba's picture

    Is it possible to get a list with the names of the coachers involved in the initiative?

  • storejo's picture

    Dear Alba,
    The list of coaches is not public. If you wish to benefit from the coaching service I recommend you contact Enterprise Europe network in your region:

  • Mike's picture

    Do coaching-days awarded under Phase-1 need be entirely used within the life-cycle of the 6-month project or coaches are available also after the submission of Phase-1 final report?

  • storejo's picture

    Dear Mike,
    You should try to start the coaching process before your project finishes. However, for exceptional cases you can contact EASME-SME-COACHING@ec.europa.eu.
    You can refer to the document 'Rules of the game' on this page for more information:

  • Rafael H. Stark's picture


    I'm trying to add my profile at the Coatch Match Platform (https://coachmatch-smei.easme-web.eu), but there are two steps that are not working for me:

    -The system refuses to upload my CV in PDF format at the Experiences section. It continuosly offers a criptic message "You must select a PDF file" ...but I'm already trying to upload a proper PDF file, with a size below the 1MB limit.
    -The system insists that I should, also, edit my Executive summary in the section about your Competences ...and yes, I have already edited the Executive summary, and have checked it's below the limit of 500 characters (including spaces).

    Where can I find help to properly complete the process of completing the Coach profile?

    Thanks in advance,

  • martizr's picture

    Please contact easme-sme-coaching@ec.europa.eu

    Erwan @EASME

  • Dilek Aydın's picture

    I am trying to log in to CoachMatch platform but it does not acccept my password. And I press the forgot my password button then I get a notification saying that ''your new password has been sent to the following address: dilekaydin5@hotmail.com'' .Unfortunatelly I got no incoming password despite trying many times.

    Could you please help on this?
    Thank you

  • martizr's picture

    Please contact easme-sme-coaching@ec.europa.eu

    Erwan @EASME

  • Jeremy Baransky's picture

    As far as Europe goes we are all set but in case someone wanted to try their strength abroad there is a place where you can check the information and also compare it to the EC ones.

  • Mujeeb Rahman's picture

    Could you let me know what the process is (possibly a simple link?) to becoming a coach on this programme?

    Thanks and regards

  • martizr's picture

    The procedure is explained on this page: https://ec.europa.eu/easme/en/call-expression-interest-business-coaches

    Erwan @EASME

  • Avi's picture

    10.b a business coach cannot at the same time be a Key Account Manager in the Enterprise Europe Network
    what is the difrent between coach and Key Account Manager?

  • faturma's picture

    SME Instrument cooperates with the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) to let the Key Account Managers (KAMs) visit the beneficiary and perform the Coaching Needs Analysis. After needs analysis the KAM helps the beneficiary select a matching coach. Coaches are independent external experts. A KAM is employed by the EEN. Because of potential confict of interest a coach can not be a KAM at the same time.

    Marie @EASME

  • Avi's picture

    Can I apply for Key Account Manager job or this contract already close?

  • faturma's picture

    Please get in touch directly with the EEN. http://een.ec.europa.eu/about/contact
    Best, Marie @EASME

  • Frank Devitt's picture

    Hi, I have been approved as Coach with the SMEI since last November. However, now the system does not allow the KAM to select me as Coach, even though he can see my name and details in the database! I cannot see where there is any information missing. Please help me to resolve this.

  • martizr's picture

    Please contact the helpdesk at EASME-SME-COACHING@ec.europa.eu

    Erwan @EASME

  • Frank Devitt's picture

    Hi Erwan,
    Thanks for your response. I contacted that email address last Thursday morning 1st June, but I have got no response. Do you have any other suggestions?

  • martizr's picture

    They receive a lot of requests and it can take several days before they are able to reply.

    Erwan @EASME

  • Kozhuharova's picture

    Is the call to register under the coach Match Platform still open and active? I regsiterred but the system responds automatically that I am not registered ?
    Problem ?

  • Giuseppe Settanni's picture

    Despite I've updated all the sections of the platform, when I try to click the "Submint application" nothing happens, also if I try to select "SMEI" as host organisation.
    Can you please look into it?

  • Mark's picture

    Are you still accepting new submissions/applications? I have always dreamed of coaching and this is a great opportunity both for me and my family.

    Waiting for your response,
    Mark from http://www.instalcentrum.com.pl/

  • martizr's picture