COS-WP2014-4-05 - Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

The aim of this call is to expand and strengthen the existing network of Intermediary Organisations which act as local contact points for newly established entrepreneurs as well as experienced entrepreneurs in the participating countries. Intermediary Organisations (IOs) will be selected to implement the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme at local level.

They will, in particular, recruit and assist the entrepreneurs who will benefit from the programme. This call will therefore support actions for organisations enhancing and facilitating the mobility of new entrepreneurs, and is not intended for entrepreneurs willing to participate in the programme.

  • The call is closed
  • 31/07/2014 - Explanations how to fill the new templates available
  • 29/07/2014 - Budget increase: After the revision of the financing decision for the COSME Work Programme 2014 the budget available for co-financing of projects under this call is now €5,500,000.
  • 29/07/2014 - New document templates: budget template (updated), activity report, CVs, list of previous projects.

Submission of proposals

The deadline for electronic submission is - NEW DATE - 19 August 2014 17.00 hours (Brussels time).

The submission system is now available at Participant Portal.

The electronic submission reference for this call will be COS-EYE-2014-4-05.

For full details, please consult the text of the call.


See the box in the right column of this page.

Additional information for applicants

More information is available on the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs website.

The Implementation Manual for Intermediary Organisations (Quality Manual) also contains a lot of information that help to understand better how the programme works.


Potential applicants should address questions related to the content of this call by e-mail to Only questions sent to this functional mailbox will be answered.

Answers will only be published periodically and within a reasonable period of time on this page.

Information event

Please note that an info day on this took place in Brussels on 19 June 2014. For more details please consult the Information Meeting Agenda (draft version, updated 05/06/2014).

Recording of the event

Partner search

EASME accepts exceptionally that applicants who are searching for a partner submit their contact details by email to the functional mailbox of this call using the subject line "PARTNERING". An overview of all partners willing to team up will be published and regularly updated on this web site. The sender agrees that EASME publishes the contact details on this webpage. EASME takes no responsibility or liability whatsoever with regard to this information.

For the list of potential partners, see the 'Documents' box in the right column of this page.


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