We need your investment expertise! Become an evaluator for the SME Instrument

We need your investment expertise! Become an evaluator for the SME Instrument

Do you have what it takes to spot the best of the best among thousands of innovations? Can you spot the brilliant ideas that have the capacity to disrupt the markets? We are looking for investors who are experts in innovation and can bring their know-how to the selection panel. 

As of 2018, the selection procedure of the SME Instrument will be revamped. Preparations are still underway but the goal is to make the SME Instrument more relevant and easier to access for start-ups and breakthrough innovators. Changes include adapting the SME Instrument by introducing an interview stage to evaluate the most promising project proposals.



How does the evaluation work?

As an evaluator you would participate in the selection process that will have two steps:

  • Step 1- Remote Evaluation: All proposals would be evaluated remotely by 4 independent experts. 
  • Step 2 - The proposals with top-scores will be invited for Interviews by a selection panel of experts in Brussels.


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Additional information



If you contact us by email, please select your profile first:




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  • Jacques Putzeys's picture

    I have tried to fill in the link below but have given up
    What does Europe want?
    Experts or administrators that can fill in forms

  • Olga CHILAT's picture

    Thanks for the comments, we hope our support has helped you solving the matter.
    Your SME Instrument Team

  • de potter's picture

    I cannot replace previous skills by new skills.
    The system just keeps all old skills and does NOT enable changes.
    Thanks for any help!

  • Oscar RODRIGUEZ 's picture

    Dear Sir,

    Please send us an e-mail with your query to our e-mail box: EASME-EIC-INVESTORS@ec.europa.eu and we will endeavour to assist you.


  • Sigurd M. Paulsen's picture

    I´ve spent hour trying to fill in the requested information, which was approved , with the exception of the contact details.

  • SME Instrument Team's picture

    Thank you for your comment. We hope you have been able to submit all your data. Otherwise, please send us an e-mail with your query to our e-mail box: EASME-EIC-INVESTORS@ec.europa.eu and we will endeavour to assist you.

  • Anonymous's picture

    how will ensure the EC that the investors participating as evaluators do not reject an interesting project in order to invest themselves, in order to apply for EC funding afterwards when they have already invested in the company?

  • SME Instrument Team's picture

    Thank you for your question. Evaluators act independently and in ways to prevent conflict of interest. According to their contract with us, they must not communicate with the applicants and related third parties during the evaluations or afterwards, except during the hearings.

    Additionally, the final evaluation score of a proposal depends on the median scores of four independent evaluators, strengthening the integrity of the overall evaluation system and of the final scores.

  • Anonymous's picture

    I just completed my Expert profile. What is the next step ? Is the EC directly contacting us, if any interest ?

  • martizr's picture

    Yes the Commission will contact you if an opportunity arises but you can also express your interest by sending an email to EASME-EIC-INVESTORS@ec.europa.eu

    Erwan @EASME

  • Gerardo 's picture

    Dear Sirs,

    I have been shortlisted for coach and mentor under sme instrument in the past 2015, but I never was contacted, why ???

  • martizr's picture

    Hello, it's not EASME who chooses the coaches but the SMEs themselves through the Enterprise Europe Network.

    Erwan @EASME

  • Corina's picture

    I have applied as evaluator. Could you advise on next steps in the process?
    Thank you

  • storejo's picture

    Dear Corina, Many thanks for applying! You will be informed on next steps in due time. Best, Johanna@EASME

  • Chrisjan's picture

    I would like to apply as an expert. Is the process still open?
    Many thanks,

  • storejo's picture

    Dear Chrisjan,
    We have finalised the process to select the experts who will be working for us in 2018.
    Nevertheless, we intend to update the pool of experts throughout next year. Therefore, potential experts may still register and indicate clearly their wish to evaluate EIC SME Instrument proposals:
    Best, Johanna@EASME

  • Isabel's picture


    Will you publish the list of expert evaluators for 2018? It would be convenient for applicant SMEs , in case they need to select competitors to not evaluate their proposals.

    Thank you

  • storejo's picture

    Dear Isabel, We have published the list of the Phase 2 face-to-face Jury members: https://ec.europa.eu/easme/en/news/european-innovation-council-pilot-jur...
    For the remote evaluations of Phase 1 proposals and the first assessment of Phase 2 proposals, the list of evaluators will be published in 2018 (for evaluations carried out in 2017) and 2019 (for evaluations carried out in 2018). I hope this helps. Best regards, Johanna@EASME

  • Ruxandra's picture

    When am I expected to receive my contract? I have been selected for the Phase 2 evaluation and it was mentioned in the email I got that the contracts should be finalized in the 1st week of January, while I did not get anything yet.
    Thanks in advance for your answer

  • storejo's picture

    Dear Ruxandra,
    You should receive it after mid-January.
    Best regards, Johanna@EASME

  • Gerardo's picture

    Hi good evening,
    Sorry, I have already written several times. So I have a question about my assignment/contract. I have registered as an expert as an expert in the expert area in the Participant Portal of the EU Commission H2020 and last november 2017 I was contacted as a possible candidate for a future assignment and then I confirmed my identity card and my bank account details, my profile is valid and the EU Commission confirmed my data, but I do not understand, when I'll receive an assignment/contract, since data have been confirmed and are sensitive data???? Sorry again and best regards Gerardo

  • storejo's picture

    Dear Gerardo,
    The contracts are in the pipeline, you will receive it this month. Best regards, Johannna@EASME

  • Gerardo's picture

    Dear Johanna,

    I want to tell you thank you so much for the information, so I give you my apologies. Best regards, Gerardo