Webinar: "LIFE: Stepping up to save bugs"

18 Jun 2020

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On 18 June 2020, we held a webinar on LIFE funding for invertebrate conservation projects.  


Invertebrates provide vital ecosystem services such as pollination, soil creation and water filtration. Yet despite their importance, invertebrate populations are rapidly declining across Europe due to loss of natural habitats, agricultural intensification, pollution, pesticide use, invasive alien species and climate change.  

LIFE response

Between 1992 and 2018, the LIFE programme supported 237 projects on invertebrates listed in Annex II and Annex IV of the Habitats Directive. And in 2014, LIFE extended its reach by also focusing on species listed as Endangered in the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) European Red Lists of invertebrate groups.

For 2020 and beyond, we are hoping to receive more LIFE applications on invertebrate conservation, including those implementing the EU Pollinators Initiative.

An important theme

More than 400 people followed this webinar on LIFE’s contribution to invertebrates’ conservation and habitats’ recovery.

You can view the recording here.

You can find here the presentation slides of the event [zip file].

Other resources

LIFE factsheet: Protecting Europe's threatened invertebrates [pdf]

LIFE and invertebrates: ex-post exercise 2019 summary report - 2020 [pdf]

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Practical Information

Thursday, 18 June, 2020 - 10:30 to 12:00

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