Title Deadline
European Training Programme in Entrepreneurship for Educators 15/01/2019
Assistance mechanism for investment in the blue economy 09/11/2018
European Light Industries Innovation and Technology (ELIIT) Project 31/10/2018
High-tech skills for industry: fostering new services and jobs creation 26/10/2018
Framework Contract for the Studies providing scientific advice in support of the Common Fisheries Policy in EU waters, excluding the Mediterranean and Black Sea, in 2 lots 01/10/2018
International Ocean Governance Stakeholder Forum 01/10/2018
Substitution of chemical substances of potential concern (Phase II) 26/09/2018
Blueprint for Sectoral Cooperation on Skills: towards an EU strategy addressing the skills and recruitment needs of the paper-based value chain (pulp and paper manufacturing and paper-based printing) 13/09/2018
Blueprint for sectoral cooperation on skills: Towards an EU strategy addressing the skills needs of the steel sector 10/09/2018
Copernicus digital skills initiatives support action 06/09/2018
Access to an Industry and Services database 31/08/2018
Technical assistance facility for industrial modernisation and investment 31/08/2018
Study on a collaboration system for commercialisation of intellectual property in the EU 31/08/2018
Improving Cost-Efficiency of Fisheries Research Surveys and Fish Stocks Assessments using Next-Generation Genetic Sequencing Methods 28/08/2018
EMODnet Bathymetry — High Resolution Seabed Mapping 30/07/2018
Blueprint for sectoral cooperation on skills: supporting measures for the construction sector 23/07/2018
European Union Intellectual Property Helpdesk 16/07/2018
Artificial intelligence: critical industrial applications 10/07/2018
Blueprint for sectoral cooperation on skills. Towards a common vision on addressing SMEs skills needs in the automotive sector: strengthening the development of upskilling and reskilling strategies 10/07/2018
Inter-institutional single FWC for the provision of support for the monitoring of LIFE projects (action grants and operating grants) communication about the LIFE programme and other related activities 29/06/2018