Title Deadline
Studies to Support the European Green Deal: Lot 1 Shellfish and Algae and Lot 2 Vessel Density 31/08/2020
Study on the Legal Protection of Trade Secrets in the Context of the Data Economy 26/08/2020
Assessment of the results and impacts of product efficiency related projects 18/08/2020
Synthesis of the Landing Obligation Measures and Discard Rates for the Mediterranean and the Black Sea 03/08/2020
European Marine Observation and Data Network 28/07/2020
Inter-institutional Multiple Framework Contract in Cascade for the Provision of Services in the Field of Communication and Organisation of Events 10/07/2020
Intellectual Property Pre-diagnosis Services for Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe Participants 30/06/2020
International Intellectual Property SME Helpdesk – India 11/05/2020
Assistance Mechanisms for the Atlantic Action Plan (Lot 1) and Black Sea (Lot 2) 29/04/2020
Uptake of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by SMEs and Start-ups 29/04/2020
Methodology for cost benefit analysis for the use of BIM in public tenders 23/04/2020
Tax Compliance Costs for SMEs: An Update and a Complement 30/01/2020
Study on Circular Economy Principles for Buildings’ Design 16/01/2020
Study on the Contribution of the Circular Economy to EU Climate Policies 19/12/2019
Accounting Requirements for SMEs Not Regulated at European Union level 16/12/2019
European Destinations of Excellence (EDEN) — Awareness Raising and Promotion of EDEN Destination (GRO-SME-19-C-075) 20/11/2019
GRO/SME/19/C/006 Intelligent Cities Challenge 02/10/2019
Framework Contract for the Provision of Scientific Advice for Fisheries Beyond EU Waters 30/09/2019
Development of the European Food Price Indicator EASME/GRO-SME-19-C/09 15/09/2019
Study on Open Innovation Models and Intellectual Property 19/08/2019

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