Improving Cost-Efficiency of Fisheries Research Surveys and Fish Stocks Assessments using Next-Generation Genetic Sequencing Methods

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This is a call for tenders in a form of an open procedure to conclude a service contract. The objective of this Contract is to support a scoping study to investigate whether and how next-generation DNA High throughput sequencing (HTS) methods can:

a) replace or reduce the need for conventional trawl-based fishing surveys for demersal or benthic fish stocks in EU waters;
b) support faster and cheaper fish stocks’ assessments and biodiversity analyses of marine fish assemblages.

Tasks to be carried out by the contractor are further detailed in the tender specifications in Section 1.

Contract notice ref.: 2018/S 090-201118

Documentation available on e-tendering website.

Contract award notice

Tuesday, 28 August, 2018
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