Technical reporting

Reporting is a fundamental part of the implementation of an IEE project and financing of the action depends on it. Progress, interim and final reports (in the case of Energy agencies also inception reports) must be submitted according to the agreed schedule. Reports are considered management tools which are used to check whether projects activities are on track. Your grant agreement sets out the reporting schedule you need to follow.

Who does what

Project coordinators write reports which have to be submitted at the set times laid down in the grant agreement. Both paper and electronic copies need to be submitted, in English, and these must contain information on the management of the consortium, how progress measures up to the original work plan and what the future work plan is.

When submitting the interim and final reports for your project, remember to enclose the interim or final costs of all project partners. These must be sent with the report as one package. Incomplete reports will not be evaluated.

Electronic versions of the project reports must be sent to

Technical Reporting templates for projects - for co-ordinators only

Progress report Template
Interim report Template
Final report Template
  Checklist and declaration

Technical Reporting templates for Energy Agencies - for co-ordinators only (Energy agencies reporting templates)


your contract number is:
Your contract number is:
Check list   Check list
Inception report N/A Report template
Interim report N/A Report template
Progress report Report template  
Final report Report template  


Financial Reporting

Templates for reporting on the financial part are available in the Financial guidance section.


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