• Small and medium-sized businesses selected funding under the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase receive a lump-sum of €50.000 from the EU to co-finance up to 70% of their innovation project.

    Most proposals were submitted in the topics ICT (668) ICT for health (260) followed by sustainable food and agriculture (239) and nanotechnologies (238). The largest number of proposals was submitted by Italian applicants (440) followed by Spanish (403), French (150) and British (147) applicants. 97% of applicants were single SMEs.

  • With this application it is now possible to simply search and filter projects by topic (earth observation, circular economy, climate services, raw materials etc.), country, project type, year (start or end date) and budget range. You can do this by clicking on the blue arrow on the left side of the map.

    Besides this, each project has a summary that includes some information about the project, the participants and a link for their website. This means that in a few clicks you'll be able to find lots of useful data!

  • Here's how it works. By navigating on the top left of the data hub bar you can choose to generate either the map, the list of projects or statistics. All of these are interactive. You can zoom into the map to find the companies funded by the SME Instrument in your region. Clicking on the pin (red for coordinators and green for partners) will generate the explanation and details about the project.

    The list of projects on the other hand allows you to browse all our projects by country, topic, budget, date and by phase.