Horizon 2020

  • Amorph systems' software extracts data from diverse sources, including flight schedules, number of passengers on board an aircraft and any projected delays. The software then predicts passenger flows in a continuous, accurate and timely way and is updated every minute. This allows airports to avoid congestion and manage resources and staff in more effective way.

  • Workers in large industrial installations in particular are vulnerable to fatal accidents like fires and exposure to hazardous substances. Until now the focus has been on preventing accidents through procedures and safety regulations but thanks to eVision this approach might take a radical turn.

    Minimal risk, maximal safety

  • 9 of the most innovative SMEI beneficiaries from all over Europe had the chance to present their business ideas on sustainability in front of investors and interested spectators.

  • These projects were selected among 133 proposals which were submitted by the 7th of March 2017 for the one-stage 2017 calls. They will be launched between November and February 2017.

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  • Small and medium-sized businesses selected funding under the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase receive a lump-sum of €50.000 from the EU to co-finance up to 70% of their innovation project.

    Most proposals were submitted in the topics ICT (668) ICT for health (260) followed by sustainable food and agriculture (239) and nanotechnologies (238). The largest number of proposals was submitted by Italian applicants (440) followed by Spanish (403), French (150) and British (147) applicants. 97% of applicants were single SMEs.

  • QMENTA is an advanced medical image storage, processing and visualization company focused on brain data analysis, specifically using MRI and related clinical data. They provide state-of-the-art medical image processing algorithms in a seamless way in order to accelerate the development of new therapies for neurological diseases via scalable and collaborative cloud platform.

  • As part of our offer for companies funded under the SME Instrument can participate to the following events during MEDICA:

  • The event itself is generally open to all innovative approaches linked to Aviation but we also want to focus on the areas of Aircraft Production (e.g. automation, digitalization, supply chain management, advanced and eco-efficient manufacturing processes), Aircraft Development (e.g. air conditioning and power management systems, cabin and cabin system, connectivity, advanced testing) and Services (maintenance and spare part management).

  • Smart City World Expo is the world’s leading event for smart cities projects in the context of urban development. More than 17.000 professional visitors are expected, with over 600 exhibitors, along with high level representatives from more than 700 cities and over 400 experts and thought leaders.

    With the EIC SME Instrument Business Acceleration Services we are taking funded companies to the event and preparing a fruitful programme with lots of time for finding business partners: